Erased (work in progress) is a body of work that focuses on the experience of loss and the fragility of memory in the digital age. The frenetic pace of our mediatised world and its politics of quick oblivion are inherently amnesiac and have undoubtedly a profound impact on how we think and relay our experiences. There seems to be a constant encroachment on our mental space and a marked absence of collective rituals to enable processes of commemorating and grieving when facing loss.  Furthermore, the blurring of temporal structures seems to bring about an erosion of memory as it is becoming increasingly difficult to mark time and even retain a sense of when events happened. As such, this piece could be termed as a ‘negative memorial’ as forgetting seems to be the most probable outcome within our struggle against high-tech amnesia.

The project has developed into several sub-series using archival material, photography, film and augmented photography:

- Sub-series 1: In Erased, the image of my mother was removed from several family snapshots in anticipation of forgetting. The family snapshots which were markers of important life’s moments of family, travel or glamour now become empty stages where rituals and aspirations once unravelled. The snapshots span the near 100 years of her life from her starting point in Tiberias, Palestine in1925 to her endpoint London, England in 2019. In between, as borders reformed, she lived through many conflicts and displacements and each generation counted a new land and a new language. As originating from a minority in the Middle-East, there are few records or traces to relay her history or that of her family and therefore, there is a double-helix of erasure, one due to a hidden persecuted history and the other due to high-tech amnesia. to an increasing annulment of memory

- Sub-series 2: In Index of Objects, my late mother’s objects are displayed and catalogued as purposed for study. These objects, which can act as repositories of memory, would have belonged to her personal sphere as being part of her grooming routine but they also speak of an index of femininity over many ages. However, they also denote of unfulfilled desires as several remained unused and preciously kept in their original packaging. 

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