Twilight Island is a photobook project combining photography and poetry.

Twilight Island  (dummy-book) was:

Nominated for the Mack First Book Award by Vanessa Winship 

Featured in online Float Magazine - May 2021

Featured in publication Uncertain States Anniversary Issue 

Featured in online exhibition Urbanautica 'Extinction.The World Without Us"

Selected  for exhibition by The Photobookshow for NIDA International Symposium 2019 in Lithuania

Featured in online magazine Photomonitor.

Link to view dummybook  (issuu format)


A silent equation unbinds deep rings of fire,
Palpable in damp ravines
And oceans gathering around the island's edge.

Out of the parabola of the skies,
Summer galloped in with its sad stillness
Full of slow time and blinding rays.

As time slips into stones,

Shallow moons fall into tepid lakes

And girls hover in their reflections

Living scene by scene.

I once lapsed into numbness,

Perhaps I am here, or lost dreaming of

A colony of peaks soaring into orbs of distance,

Rhythmic forests that swell as lunatic terrors

And, diagonal rains which seep into

Shadows of feathers, shadows of needles,

Full of breath and the holler of myths.

We are at the end and the beginning.

© Leslie Hakim-Dowek - 2020

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